Forming in the fall of 2014, the band’s purpose became clear: Deliver the most explosive and jaw-dropping performances of modern hard rock with tight precision, powerful attitude, incredible vocals, and the experience and drive to entertain. After bursting on the live scene in January 2015, the undeniable buzz that followed left no one in doubt; This band knows how to
rock a crowd!

Each member is a veteran of the stage with many years of successful stints in Sinister Blue, Kindred Soul, Uncle Whiskey Breath, SKIF, Vic Ferrari, Bobby Evans, Ripper, Scotty Meyer, Wasted Faith, Amillennial, Lies of Autumn, Save The Day, From The Wreckage, Contagious, and more.

Experience the truly gifted lead/solo work of Matt Cooley, the “in your face” attitude of Bob “Bear” Johnston on bass, the insanely talented Sean Crosby tearing up the stage on guitar, the technical precision and power of Chris Koentopp, and the soaring and soulful performance of Michael Schaub on vocals.